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Monday, October 23, 2017 Admin Tools /
Visiting Safford, AZ for Susan's Birthday Surprise
I visited Safford for the first time to surprise Susan, who helps me chase balloons, celebrate her birthday as well as celebrating her completion of fighting breast cancer. Safford was an amazing place to fly and hope to fly there again soon.

Susan had no idea that I was coming with Veronica. Greg had worked it out that their daughter, Brooklyn, would be a surprise as well. When Susan woke up on Saturday, she had no idea that Brooklyn and I had sneaked into their house and slept that night. The next morning, Brooklyn tucked herself into the balloon trailer. When Susan saw me there, she was excited to see the balloon trailer. But she had no idea that there was an extra surprise inside when she opened it and out popped Brooklyn.

After cutting down the pink tree that symbolized Susan's fight with breast cancer, we had a balloon glow that night as well as bonfire where the pink tree was put to rest.

The next day's flight was amazing. Almost 2.5 hours of flying time, four hops and 8 passengers.

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